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Tunze and Koralia circular powerheads; wave making

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I would think these would work very well, generating a wider, less pinpoint current than a traditional powerhead. Has anyone tried these? Do they work well on/off for wave making devices? If you use them for wave making, which controller do you use?
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The 6025 cannot be hooked up to a wave maker devise. I am running a 6045 on my reef tank. It is alright nothing to brag about IMO.
Why not get a SCWD and plumb a closed loop? You can make one out of PVC if you don't want to drill. It might be cheaper than getting powerheads and a wave maker.

A sea swirl is another option.

Look into the SEIO pumps/controllers too.
Thanks, I thought that's what it was. Looking for something like this that will work way beneath the surface - my filter outlet comes out about 6 inches beneath the surface of the water. I'd like something I can hide in the back corner of my tank behind a rock that will work about 4-6 inches off the bottom. And I'm looking for something ready made not DIY, so save time. I'd like to avoid the expense of a controller if possible.
PS I was just thinking out loud. I looked it up a second later. FYI, I appreciate many of Google's apps, have many friends working there, and know the search industry well - no one search engine is always your friend.
You can't want something that's ready made and not want the expense of a controller...either/or. Heh. Even the sea swirls are pretty pricey.
Just wondering but why are you wanting a wave maker?

both brands mentioned are good brands and would make waves or you could just purchase a powerhead and hydor flo-rotating attatchment which will wave make on it's own.
1) The fish in the tank I'm buying this for are Tanganyikans and appreciate waves - Lake Tanganyika is a big place with currents/waves 2) I like the aesthetic effect - plants undulating in the waves look natural and very nice

I have plenty of powerheads - I'll check out the Hydor flow rotating attachments - do you have a link to a good recommended source?

Thanks a lot for all the good info!
I dont know about wavemaking, but just wanted to say I really like my Koralia 4. Lots of flow but dispersed enough that it works well even in my 75g (1200gph). And my loaches just love the flow! Super simple to take apart and clean. My only issue is they seem a little iffy with the magnets on 1/2" thick glass which they are rated up to.
I keep a few tangs myself and I think you have waves confused with oxygen. Tangs like to have lots of oxygen in the water cause the lakes are like so. I have high filtration on all of my tanks and try to point most at the water surface to help the gas exchange in the tank.

My big tanks all have wet/dry filtration is by far the best filter out there that oxygenates the water while being a huge bio factory and along with those I have canisters for mechanical filtration and a powerhead or two. Most all of mine do not like the added flow of the powerheads though but my tanks run 20x turnover rate with filtration alone.

What kind of tangs are you considering?

I have these right now...

Moba Frontosas
Juli. Marlieri
A. calvus
Tropheus Illangi
Petrochromis famula chimba
N. Mulitfasciatus
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