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Tunze 6095 too much flow?

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I have two nearly new Tunze 6095 circulation pumps left over from my old saltwater setup and I was thinking about using one or both on my new 125 gallon (72x18x23) planted tank which is still in the planning stages. They produced great flow in the salt tank (up to 2,510 gph each) but will they be too much in a planted tank? If so, I was thinking about selling them and getting a couple of Tunze 6040s instead.

My tank is reef ready with corner overflows and I'll be running a sump. Maybe my 1,600 gph return pump will provide enough flow with four loc line flare nozzles?

The freshwater side is all new to me. I'm used to having 10,000 gph of flow available with the salt tank and I know I only need a fraction of that with the new tank.

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I think you'll likely be fine with the return pump and loc line returns. I have a 1400 or so GPH return pump and plan on using a 2' spray bar. I have never had success with powerheads. They tend to blow my leafy plants all around. I think those will both be massively oversized. I would, however, set up the tank without the powerheads and see how the plants sway. Add the power heads and see if it is a toilet flushing or not. Go from there. IMO, too much flow. Others have had success with more flow than I have though. Amazon swords don't appreciate high flow in my experience and I've had them in every tank.
I was kinda thinking the same thing. Aim the return pump flare nozzles at the front glass and hopefully get a decent flow back to the overflows. In my salt setup it didn't take much for the 6095s to create a sand storm even at the lowest setting.

I use a tunze 6105 in my 190 (60" left right, 24" front back, 30" tall)...I have it aimed at the front glass near the top center so that the flow circles back to the returns in each corner. The plants are swaying, but not too much and now there are no dead spots. I have the controller set at 30%.

I use fluorite and have no storm issues with substrate.

I wasn't getting enough flow from my spray bars (I use 2 * 2262 eheims for filtration) so I definitely need the tunze. I did have a larger koralia, but i found that the flow pattern wasn't as wide and also not as strong.
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