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Just putting this out in the world- I trim large stems off my rotala rotundifolia, hygrophila difformis, and this one species of lacustris every few months. I usually just throw it out, but I will happily trade/sell/possibly donate it. I just trimmed in December, so I won't have anything to give out for at least a month or two.

If wanting to trade, I'm usually interested in obtaining more stella erectus, camboba, subwassertang, HC (dwarf baby tears), monte calro, riccia fluitans, red cherry shrimp, or any species of dark blue shrimp (desperately looking for affordable options).

And, I guess, if you want to... reserve a future trade, let me know.

I'll update this as needed.

December 2015- traded

January 2016- gone
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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