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Tubiflex worms ?

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Has anyone tried growing them in your tank ? As fish food of course.
To be suse, if you had any amount of the more normal fish you likely
would need to do it before you had put the fish in the tank.
But I have a tank/w a few Least Killi fish and about 10 RCS that I would
like to keep Banded Pigmy sunfish in. These usually will only eat live food
but some that I have had have adapted to frozen bloodworms.
I know that once established, it would be hard to get them out of the
tank(the tubiflex worms) for the fish as they would live in the gravel.
But putting them in the tank at night while the fish are sleeping is all I have come up with as a way of starting them in there.
Any other idea's on that one ? The live ones are too expensive for me to
risk doing that/w them.
I do have an open 2.5g tank tank that I could try to culture them in
but wouldn't know where to find the info on it.
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I recently introduced some California black worms to some of my tanks. They seem to be more widely used live than tubifex worms due to the latter's risk of introducing disease. So far they're doing well it seems. They've burrowed in the substrate and seem to be feeding on detritus. My tank is relatively new and has no fish in it so introduction was easy. Maybe try moving out all the fish temporarily when putting the worms in and letting the worms burrow first?

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Good thought but I recently planted some of the plants and can't(yet) seem to catch any more of those fish as they are now gun shy due to my getting the others out.
WON'T wreck my tank to do it. Perhaps I should just wait till I do get them out even
if it's a while from now. I get lucky each water change and get one more sometimes.
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