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trying to stay ahead

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Any advice on why this algae is appearing in my tank? I did a 10 % water change yesterday and a 50% on saturday.

I dose the seachem line and follow their protocol from their website.

I dose Co2 ( I speculate it is due to low CO2 levels, but idk )

I feed my fish every other day to avoid over feeding.

Any advice would be helpful!

ps. I do leave my lights on for 10 hours a day. so that could also be a cause. But wouldn't plants utilize all the nutrients in the water if the lights were on longer?? I need some brushing up on basic bio of the planted tank
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That is cyano.

Go back to basics, ensure you have 20ppm nitrate, 2ppm phosphate and plenty of potassium. Then add your traces every other day. Stabalise CO2 at 1ph drop between the photo-period start and end and keep kH at around 4dkh. Aerate at night to ensure excess O2 at night and make sure you have a nice medium circulation to prevent any 'dead spots' in the tank.

The BGA will disappear.
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