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trying to figure this out. algae on one plant only...

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Low tech tank.
No real algae problems.
Black Algae now attacking only My Java fern which is attached to drift wood, all other plants are planted in the substrate, a bunch of crypts, corymbosa, etc.

I use excel, root tabs and a liquid fert. Good water flow. Why just that plant?

Mollies, mts, and bamboo shrimp are the stock.

I want to figure out why so I can fix it

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You might want to start listing your tank specs. Tank size, light type, photo period, ferts, co2 etc . Java fern it's not a fast grower in general. It's it directly under the light? When I had my anubias under direct lighting I kept getting gsa but once I move it to the corner the gsa stopped.

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30 gallon, 2.5 watts per gallon, 6500k 8.5 hours of light, no co2, excel, use 3 cfl in reflectors directly over tank, all plants are directly underneath light.
There is a lot of differnce between a 30L and a 30T tank.
But I can't see the usual reflectors fitting three side by side on a 30 so I'll guess
and say you have too high of Watt bulbs in there. The 13W ones are good for
tanks 18" or less from top to bottom.
Possibly an unhealthy plant. Root tabs aren't going to help the Java Fern and it possibly isn't getting enough nutrients. What liquid fert are you using?
All plants including the fern look healthy. The fern is attached to the driftwood and to my surprise is growing rather fast actually. The fert is just a general all purpose fert. I don't wanna get fancy. I've ordered flourish and flourish potassium. Will be using that soon I got the potassium for the hygro that shows some slight potassium deficiency on older leaves. I'm nervous to drop down lighting to 13 watt bulbs cause I have some micro sword which is high light I believe. The tank is a tall 30 gallon. And the reflectors fit nicely. I have a dsb
They say Micro swords are high light but they reall are medium light and need co2
Excel won't do for them?
They really need injected co2 from what ive heard
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