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A couple of things stand out to me.
1) You say your tank is 130g but the dimensions of 6x1x1.5 feet equal roughly 70 gallons.
2) You have a 48" fixture on a 72" long tank. You have a foot on each end not getting adequate light.
3) I don't understand the comments about not having enough plants and having a guaranteed algae outbreak, you can run it like a massive grow out tank. Your tank is only running under 1 wpg of t5ho in a fixture that is too short. Having Co2 doesn't restrict a tank to only having super high light, all plants will appreciate the co2 no matter the light intensity.

I don't think you have enough light to constitute your tank as "high-tech" and in my opinion I think your plant choices will work well in that respect. You can also raise your light fixture to create a larger area of light coverage and also if you find you have to much light in one spot. None of the plants you posted need a lot of light anyways. I think it will work out as long as you do your part on up-keep and monitor growth habits/patterns. Remember that rizome plants (anubias, ferns, etc.) to only plant the roots and leave the rizome exposed to the water clolumn or it will begin to rot. Frequent water changes will help keep potential algae at bay also.

With the lower amount of light that you have and the addition of Co2, I wouldn't be to concerned with filling it up 100% from the start. Especially with the mostly slow growing, low demand plants in your list. I would be more concerned about establishing a good routine for your tank (photoperiod, co2 amount, water changes, your root tabs should be fine for now but you will observe the need for those or additional nutritional needs through plant growth).

I'm not sure of the look you are trying to achieve but sparsely planted large tanks, imo, look good with a nice big show piece of driftwood accepted by the plants surrounded by light colored sand.
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