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Troubling Eheim feeder failure

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The first of my eheim automatic feeders which was purchased about nine months ago from Big Als on-line has begun to malfunction. It being an electromechanical device this is not in itself alarming.

What is most alarming however is that in failing it began dispensing food continuously. Luckily I happened to be viewing that particular aquarium at the time.

Will be returning the unit as it is still under warranty but the incident has seriously dented my confidence in leaving the unit unattended for any extended period as I did recently while away on vacation for two weeks.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem?
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I've never heard of one failing before. Mine is about 3 years old. It sure seems rock solid to me. I have heard of some other brands of feeders not being reliable when the batteries are really low... have you checked the batteries? I always change mine before a long trip both in my feeder and my doser, if it's been 6 months or so since the last battery change.
I initially also thought it was a low battery condition and changed batteries and checked voltage with a meter but even with new batteries the display keeps flashing and the hopper rotates continually.

Based on the lack of responses it appears not to be a common problem which does provide some reassurance that my second unit will not suffer the same fate.

As to other feeders out there I have tried Fishmate, Aquachef and the Rena LG100 but went to eheim because of their excellent reputation and personal experience with their cannister filter, so this failure was certainly unexpected.

The Fishmate worked well but is limited in capacity and feeding flexibility.

Interestingly the Aquachef apparently utilizes the same programming system as the Eheim but the design of its food dispenser tended to give wide variations in the amount of food dispensed.

The Rena with its heater system keeps the food in good condition but the programming system is not as flexible as the Eheim or Aquachef and has to be reset if there is a power outage.

Combining the Rena's ac powered motor and heater with the battery powered programming/timing system of the Eheim or Aquachef would in my opinion be a winner .
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