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I have been having a problem getting my MA957 and SMS122 working.

I called my local supplier, a hydroponics store. They gave me some tips and replaced the pH probe for me. This actually seemed to solve the pH reading problem, the pH reading seams fairly steady and the buzzing has stopped when the "alarm" light is flashing.

The new problem:
I have calibrated and have my MA957 hooked up and the bubble counter adjusted to the point that I want it to run at. If I unplug it the solenoid stops the CO2 Gas from being emitted. Normal operation.

When I plug the solenoid into the SMS 122, the solenoid runs continuously, letting bubbles out. When I am adjusting the setpoint it makes no difference where I put the needle, putting the needle at 5.5 when the reader says 6.5 there is gas. Putting the set point to 7.8 the solenoid is on and gas is emitting. No matter how far in what direction I turn the set point the solenoid is never turned off. If I turn off the SMS122 the solenoid is still activated emitting gas. Sometimes I can hear the click of the SMS122 when the alarm light comes on but there is no sound at all from the MA957 solonoid. I have used a voltmeter to test the plug leading to the solenoid (the one that is wired to the SMS 122) and there is always voltage, it is never interupted.

Is this normal Operation?

I do not have the unit plugged into a power bar, and I have tried the unit with and without the fluorescent lights plugged in.

Any advice would be fantastic!
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