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Trouble securing anubias plants

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I have the petite & the short & sharp anubias & can't get either one to stay down.

The petite is really difficult because it's so small.

First I tried thread & tied each to a piece of drift wood.

Then thread & silicone tied to rocks.

Then fishing line & some sort of aquarium putty tied to rocks.

One problem is the nerite snails - I think they are pretty rough on thread.

The rhizomes are so small & I'm afraid of breaking leaves off.

Is there another glue I can try?

If I knew a surgeon I'd have them come over and tie the knots for me!
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super glue, the gel kind
I've used straight pins going thru the root mass without any problems. After 2-3 months I removed it leaving the plant behind.

Thanks for the ideas.
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