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Tropical Showcase - Plants Galore

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If anyone is in Nassau County they should check out Tropical Showcase...
They have many, many plants in stock... Nice
$2.99 a bunch, buy 3 get one free
$4.99 potted, buy three get one free

last week he had a special on swords $1.99

Gene has owned this for a long, long time...great store ... worth the visit

you won't be disappointed...

i believe he even runs a plant wholesale business, so there is volume...

372 W. Old Country Road
Hicksville, NY 11801
(516) 433-0988

a few blocks west of rt.106
great selection of fish some 24k mollies last week there
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This is a great store. the owner gene is very knowledgeable as well as his wife who helps him run the store. He has a great assortment of plants with good prices on them. He also has a nice selection of fish and many monster fish as well. Great place great owners. recommended
I second this. The plant selection here is unsurpassed in Nassau County in my experience.

Had some problems with a fungus problem on some guppies I bought here, but other fish I bought were fine. And for common fish, they are a tad more expensive than the chain petstores.

But overall, its the plants that really shine, given how difficult it is to find a good source of aquatic plants in general. I'm a fan.
are they mostly swords & crypts,
or some high light Co2 plants too?

he has a fairly wide variety of plants hc, hairgrass, vals, ect. one of the largest selections ive seen around.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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