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Tropical Fish Society of RI auction

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Now that the PVAS auction is over, it is time to get ready for the TFSRI auction.

The auction is the Sat, February 25.

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Will anybody be there?
I was there - interested to see your reaction to it.
Have you been before?

It was a little different from years past. It seems like the auctions are tapering off a bit, but they were all on top of each other this year.

Plants seem to be going for big money, which is great for the sellers (and clubs) and is potentially good for plant enthasuists as it will hopefully spread to the stores resulting in a larger plant selection. It looks like there is starting to be a shift in the fish people are keeping as the Chiclids and larger fish don't seem to be garnering as much interest and the bids aren't going as high as they typically do. Not sure where it is going yet, but it definately isn't show guppies as those weren't drawing much interest either. There also weren't very many guppies in the auction.

People also seem to be limiting their spending across the board. It's starting to feel like 2006-2007 again before the housing bubble, spending tapering off, large stores closing, people scaling back on their hobbies.
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