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Tropica specialised fertiliser vs VIMI

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Ordered some tropica specialised fertiliser to avoid some shipping cost. Now I read it is for aquariums with many and fast growing plants.

Will it be fine with an Iwagumi with monte carlo (medium grow rate) and eleocharis acicularis mini (slow grow rate)?

Now I got this fertilisers both which one should be better for my tank?

Tropica specilised fertiliser weekly dosed
Tropica Specialised fertiliser - liquid fertiliser for planted tanks - Tropica Aquarium Plants
VIMI all in one daily dosed

If you click on the links you can see the elements which I have no knowledge about..
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The good thing about ferts is we can adjust the dosage to our needs. Likewise with EI you may want to start at about 1/3 dose and see how your plants respond if they show signs of deficiency then up the dose. A good indicator with all in one ferts is to test nitrates and you will see if they are building up or not enough. This will allow you to adjust your weekly/daily dose. Its not a perfect method but its a good place to start.

Both are going to be pretty dilute solutions in comparison to what you would probably be adding to your tank if you were using dry salts or making up your own solutions, as in EI. I would just follow the manufacturer's directions to begin with and then adjust up or down as needed. For what it's worth, George Farmer uses Tropica Specialised and doses quite a bit above the recommended amount, if I recall correctly from his video, in his 120cm tank. Of course it's heavily planted, not Iwagumi as is yours.
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