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The scape was setup in Aug 2020 and is about 8 months now. 50 cm, approx 45 L of water volume.
I had used about approx 7-8 L of Tropica soil and half a bag about 1-1.5 L of Tropica soil powder.

My water has always been RO water remineralised with my own remin mix to make 4 gH and nil KH.
The degassed pH at the start was 6.25 but then settled at 6.6 - 6.7.
After the CO2 was dialled in I have not been checking the pH that frequently.

Wanted to a do a round the clock pH check/ plot now and the degassed pH is consistently at 7-7.1 now.
Does this mean that the pH lowering capability of the Tropica Soil system is now spent?
the GH is still at 4 and nil KH.

Not that neutral pH is a problem, just wanted to double check if this is similar to observation of other members using the Tropica Subsrate system.
Please note that I do not have any base layer fertilisation. e.g. Tropica Substrate.
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