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Tropica Master Grow dosage

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Hiya peeps,

I have an unmarked 500mL bottle of the former TMG that I got from back when I placed my first plant order 6 months ago. I'm almost out of Flourish comprehensive, but I do have 1lb of CSM+B in the closet. Was wondering if it was even worth using this stuff up when my Flourish runs out. It's been stored away from sunlight, at room temps. Anyway, if I use the stuff, can someone post sample dosing instructions as shown on the label since mine came unmarked?

I have an 8g, 40g, and 125g planted tanks, all med-hi lighting. Macro's are dosed dry, EI method...

thanks in advance!
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TMG is good stuff. It's called Plant Nutrition Liquid now. Here's the directions. They say to use 5 mL per 50 L per week. This converts to 0.3785 mL per gallon per week.
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