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Visual log of my progress. Too much to be said for now, only wish that I hadn't tried to get so fancy with the whole thing! Had tried to add in DIY skimmers, had a power head, have a sizable HOB but am currently only using it to create a soft current and collect debris in a DIY screen filter....

Low light, heavy planting, infrequent water changes, slowly add fish, HOB filter, short, centralized feedings...!

Since taking these photos I've bought a few more fish, the glass top cracked when I opened the window and a gust of winter wind blew in, moved the filter to the right side of the tank for better flow, have removed all the java moss from my feeding dish!

I've read that for a low light tank C02 isn't needed, but I had the cylinder, and got a pretty good deal on the regulator. I generally keep it on pretty low with the filter running 24/7, but also dose my tank with flourish every other week.

I vacuum whenever food or debris builds up, which really isn't too often- the tank stays very clean.... But that's about the only time I change the water.... I use water from a chlorine free filtered water dispenser at a local grocery store.

Last few pictures are tank at two and a half months old!

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