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What are peoples thoughts on using a salt and triple sulfa treatment at the same time.

I am 95% sure i have got columnaris, and being in Aus fish meds are limited. the local stores only offer triple sulfa, malachite green, methylene blue, acriflavine and/or formalin based or meds that are mixes of them over the counter. Erythromycin and tetracycline antibiotics are available. But won't treat columnaris from what ive read. Other antibiotics are available like maracyn apparently are available from a vet.

I had a columnaris outbreak, well what appeared to be one around a month ago. One of the congo's somehow managed to skewer himself onto an old piece of goldvine. Right at the time i added some new plants to the tank after only giving them a quick rinse under the tap first. The congo developed this white fuz that ate away at the wound and killed him that arvo. One of the other males developed white fuz that started to eat away a hole in his side. So i treated the tank with triple sulfa. Never used it before, so i did a half does first. that half does and a large water change and the fish healed up. No other signs of sickness or stress.

thats until yesterday morning when i noticed some of my rummynose had dropsy. As well as 3 of my neons had what looked like not quite right NTD that when i looked up columnaris matched it more. I euthanised the fish that had symptoms with clove oil last night. But this morning one of the female congos looks like she has the beginning of columnaris on her mouth.

So im thinking of combining a salt and tripple sulfa treatment, first. Before i go ahead and treat with one of the other meds, that will do the trick. But wipe out my bio filter and probably the plants at the same time.
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