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Here's the last package left for this week. Perfectly clean. No Algae.

I will not hold the plants if someone else comes with payment.
Paypal Payment preferred.

[STRIKE]2x Myrio Tuberculatum Red
7x Ludwigia x Arcuata
4x Rotala Colorata
3x Rotala Rotundifolia
3x Ludwigia Lacustris
3x Ludwigia Brevipes
5x Myrio Mattogrosense
3x Acmella Repens
3x Cabomba Purple
2x Clinopodium cf. brownei
2x Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'

$19. Add $6 Priority Shipping.

Plants will come from this tank.


Osmocote Plus Rootabs

50 pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $8 Shipped. 2 packs available.
90pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $12 Shipped. 1 pack available

The tank above was grown by Osmocote Plus.

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