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Trimming wisteria

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All of my wisteria have roots along the whole stem. The leafs are few and all at the top, do I trim where the roots end then plant that end? Even if I do the stem that would remain planted wouldn't have leafs and would stuff have roots

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I trim at the section right below the leaves..Not enough light reaching the lower parts of the plants, that's why the leaves only stay in the higher parts. Roots will grow where ever you cut, you can trim off the roots along the stems.
Thanks, I did this with my anachrias where I cut the off shoots, I noticed the tips of the off shoot (the part of the stem I cut from) turned brown. Is that normal?
I have never had luck with that plant so really say..You use sharp scissors? May just be like a bruise.
With your wisteria you have missed the right time to trim, imho.

I would trim your wisteria right below the the highest node that has no leaves. Then strip off the leaves from the node above that. You will end up with with "tips" ~2-3" tall. Plant them with the remaining leaves just above the substrate. Give each top about 1" of open space all around. Pull and discard the bottoms.

Once the tops reach 6-8" in height, trim the main stem right above the leaves about 1/2 way up and replant the tops again as above.

You will be giving wisteria away in couple of months.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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