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Time to trim the plants, they got out of control since I started working night shift.

*Micranthemum umbrosum: 10 stems for $2.00. More will be added in case of DOAs on most plants.

*Bacopa monnieri: 5 stems for $2.00.

*Ludwigia repens: 3 for $1.00. Limited number of these, about 8 available.

*Lysimachia nummularia: 5 stems for $1.50.

*Handful of Guppy Grass for $3.00.

All plants will probably have tiny snails but I will remove all that I can see before shipping. No duckweed on these plants. DOA guarantee on Priority mail shipped plants only upon 1st delivery attempt.

Two shipping options:
  • Priority mail-$6.00
  • First Class Shipping-$4.00(No DOA Guarantee)
Payment through PayPal only, can ship to the Continental US only.
PM me if interested.
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