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I did some experimental trimming/replanting today, but wondering what I can do next time a trim is due.

I simply cut the tops off my Rotala Rotundifolia figuring it would be back at the surface in no time. The offshoots growing on the stems lead me to believe I'll have a pretty outrageous bush in the near future, not something I'll be bummed about. I'm thinking as the mass grows I will just trim and shape as desired yes? Is there a problem with allowing the bottoms to suffer brown algae if the tops are still growing healthy?

And for the Ludwigia Repens, how about those bottom leaves? The plant is growing really large upper leaves and as many know the bottom leaves see a good amount of shade and remain green. It's really impractical to remove stumps and just replant the good looking tops every time a trim is needed, so again, is it a bad idea to just remove the huge tops and let the bottoms grow back when they suffer from brown algae covered leaves?
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