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Trimming Bronze Crypt

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My bronze crypt is out of control and sending out and sprouting runners everywhere...How does one trim it back?

I was thinking maybe too just take scissors into the substrate and cut off the runner(s) then yank out the shoots...

Any suggestions?
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What I do with a plant like this getting out of control is to let a few of the runners get going and established. Then carefully cut them and remove the overgrown parent plant. The runners will give you several smaller plants and you can let them fill in for the parent plant.
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Sounds like @dudedru and I are in the same boat. For what it's worth, DaveK's response is very good as I have used this same method probably 6 times already between the 2 tanks I have. Also, if you are looking to get a smaller overall footprint, once you remove the main plant (parent plant) you can move some of the surrounding smaller plants into that space.
I have also read (though not personally tried) that you can use clear plexiglass cut to the appropriate size and bury it in the substrate to keep the crypt where you want it. The plexiglass will not be seen and the crypt won't spread as it propogates under the substrate. I do plan on trying this method, because, dang, my crypts are crazy.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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