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First time trying to sell some of my trimmings here. Limited amounts of everything. Dont have heatpacks so mind your weather. Shipping costs should likely be around $10 for usps priority.

Most grown under mediumish light with co2 injection. Some algae/snails possible but will do my best to remove whats visible.

I'll admit I'm absolutely awful at remembering plant names and correctly identifying them; so I could be way off base with what I've actually got here. Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake!

Hygrophila Corymbosa Compacta: $3

Pennywort: $2/6 inches

Unknown(?) Staurogyne Bihar? Hygrophila? $1

Rotala (2 different types? from 2 different tanks) $1

Riccia (fluitans?) CAN NOT SHIP TO CA: $5/golfball

frogbit/mixed with some duckweed: $2 small handfull
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