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The current deal:

-A bunch of mixed Java Fern plantets (regular, narrow and needle leaf)
(good for attaching to rocks or driftwood, guessing about 20+ plants, see pic)
- A good sized portion of Java Moss
- Dwarf Sagittaria (a lot of runners)
- Stargrass (long)
- Limnophila aquatica
- Mayaca fluviatilis
- Willow Hygro
- Dwarf Lilly
- Water Sprite
- Floaters (mostly Water some Amazon Frogbit, etc) -- on request
- whatever else looks good :icon_eek:
---> $35 Shipped for all

Java Fern + Moss (12" bowl):

---> or PM for more/less, other plants, or your own combination
---> pictures of actual plants on request

Shipment: USPS Priority w/tracking within USA only. I do not use heat or cold packs. $7 shipping for non-packaged deals.
Payment: PayPal


L. aquatica on the left, Stargrass and Sag on the right (24" tall tank)

Dwarf Lilly:

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