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Trim Package:

Single plants:
2 x Red Tiger Lotus (medium, ~12"+) $5/ea
1 x Parviflorus parviflorus 'Tropica' (Rosette Sword) $5
6 x Rotala macrandra (really nice, the price reflects the care) $2/stem
5 x Rotala sp. 'Bangladesh' $2/ea
3 x Rotala magenta (8"+ multi-stemed plants) $3/ea
2 x Water Sprite (medium) $1/ea
5 x Myriophyllum sp. 'mini' (new, pretty small plant, good for nanos) $2/ea
3 x Hygrophila corymbosa Angustifolia (~8"+) $1/ea
6 x Limnophila sessiliflora (within CA only) $0.50/ea
--> All for $45 shipped

--> FREE sandwitch bag of Ricca mat on request with order.

Shipment: USPS Priority w/tracking is $7 for non-package deals. I do not use heat or cold packs.
Payment: PayPal

Over-crowded Parviflorus parviflorus 'Tropica'
(the yellow on the front leaves is light reflection)

An older picture of R. macrandra that is about to get trimmed:


The 40 Breeder...

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