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Trim and Replant...? Pictures

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okay... I dunno if I just made a huge mistake..

But this was my first time trimming plants and then replanting them..

For some reason I didnt ask how to do this before I did it...but anywayz..

I cut the plants like half way down the stalk...(the plants aren't swords or grass or anything that gross from the root) the plants grow straight upwards from the stalk..

So basically I cut the stalk on a diagonal about have way down and just replanted the top part...

So was this okay... or extreemly dumb.. are the plants I cut going to die?!
because then I thought of a tree, when you cut that it doesnt grow anymore... is this wat is going to happen?

Help put my mind to ease please! :help:


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If they are stem plants, you should be OK. I follow the same method with just about every stem plant in my tank. Usually I get some roots shooting out from the stems anways and I generally cut close to one of these roots and then replant the entire stem with the root.
by stem plants you mean that they have stems right...?

what other kind of plants are there...dont all plants have stems? I mean besides floaters and moss

I'll see if I can figure out the names of the plants for more help
I wouldn't say that anubias, swords, carpet plants, or a number of other types of plants have stems or are stem plants.

What did you trim and replant?
I just put some pictures of the kind of plants I trimmed in the first message
They should be fine but you should let plants settle a few weeks after travelling before being trimmed........DC
ya your probably right DC.. but the plants were already at the top of the water so I thought it was about time..

So is the method of trimming called topping?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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