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Tricken's 45p ada low tec

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here is my 45p
filter is a ac30 hob
sub straight is ada amozina
light is a 65 daylight cfl in a flower bucket hung about the tank 38 par at sub straight 100 par at water line
water is ro water with seacrum equilibrium to add some gh back
planting is
rotala red
ricca- most removed
added peacock moss
and some other plants

stocking is red cherry shrimp (Very happy and breading)
2 nerite snail
pest snails
amono shrimp
tiger shrimp
a blue shrimp
and a few others
and 2 small sword tails to eat the algee that i had
1 dwarfed clown pleco
feb 25th

march 13

7/10/2014 update

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Beautiful. I'm getting my 45p today and doing a low-med light moss set up but thinking I'll add some stems like yours.

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the stems add some height to the back ground sad part is i kinda want to rescape it again
so i moved the heater in to the back of my aqua clear 30 tight squeeze but it fits and now the tank is so much cleaner

as of 6-11-2014 shot with my cell after a trim of vals and wasteria and ricca thin down
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looks very lush!

good luck...
good luck? huh
tank is now 8 mons old and going great i do 1/8 water changes once every 2 mons and filter cleaning feed every 3 days and trim it back about every 2 mons. water top off every few days and that is it.

I wanted a slow low growing tank for shrimp to thrive in, and boy do they do.
damn that flower bucket is a goood idea!

I am setting up a similar tank as an experiment but minus a scape. low tech very basic tank to see if it helps shrimp thrive
7/10/2014 update

tank is doing very very well, i swapped out the sword tail for a smaller one with more blue fire color.
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Wow, I really am liking this tank. Looks fairly similar to what I want to do wth my 60P.
thanks i am enjoying it, i feel like a mini forest garden that is just let run wild.
dont mind the sun shade back drop we view our tanks from both sides as this sits near a pony wall to the other room.
the lack of maintenance and easy of upkeep is what i really like. heck i don't even scrub the inside glass, i let the clean up crew do all the work.
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