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Hello folks,

I've previously gotten some good advice here about working with trichogaster labiosa, and I've managed to get a group of wild caught with the natural blue/gold striped coloring (supposed to be 1.3, but now looking like it may be 2.2 -- if I do have a second male, I may give the other pair to a friend, depending on whether things get aggressive). One of the females is pretty obviously gravid now, so I am crossing fingers that something will happen there soon.

I now have an opportunity to pick up some of the sunset/gold color morph. I don't have much room so I am leaning against it, but I am curious about how the color would come out between a wild gourami and a domestic color morph. Is there any reason to see what that the result might be? Are the color morphs a hybrid, or just bred for color? If I did it, I would probably pick up one female and rehome the second presumed pair.
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