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Hello all this is going to be a journal of my journey into planted tanks, just a place for me to keep track of things and get some advice

I don't have a lot of experience keeping an aquarium(been about 8 years) let alone a planted one so I'm expecting a lot of trial and error. I also live in Australia and then in Tasmania also, so some stuff is hard to come by unfortunately but enough rambling

On with the tank.

So it's a Serenelife Paradiso
Link -->

Here are some photos I took today after draining it from just testing for leaks for a couple days, sorry about the quality I snapped em quickly on the way out to work

Full Tank Shot

The container is a tiny bit bigger the a m&m's mini tube, about 3in tall and 1wide

Close up of the stock lights

Close up of the back point were you can see the filter and the two gaps

Tank capacity = 160ltr or about 40gallons I'm pretty sure. As you can see in the pics it has a triangle footprint, some LED lights(not sure about those) and a built in filter running at 290gph which I think is more then enough but again not sure haha Iv got a lot of research to do still

I'm not to sure on stocking yet but I'm thinking something along the lines of

6-8 x Cory's

10-12 x Some kind of Barb probebly a mix of Green and Tiger, is that ok or should I stick with one species?

A small Pleco or a pair of SAE's and most likely a "mystery snail" the big yellow ones

Any advice on the above would be appreciated I think it may be to much I'm just not sure haha

Onto the scape

Now please don't be jealous of my smartphones photoshop skills but basically this is what I'm thinking

White = Pool filter sand, will be only it at the front with it being a cap at the back
Brown = a type of soil yet to be determined
Gray = rocks, thinking of having these at the base and getting some smaller bits to put towards the front to have that aged over time affect going on
Light brown/orange = wood, not to sure on the wood yet I'm a big fan of rocks and big leafy plants
Green = plants haha

Kinda like this but in the back corner with everything coming toward the front

I no I'm going to have to add some extra lights but am not to sure how to go about it because the hood is rather greedy with the space, but I was looking at these Aquatics LED Aquarium Light

I was thinking two of these clipped on the back poking through the two gaps at the back point of the hood to focus the light down on that back corner where the plants will be, I'm not thinking to fancy maybe some Val or some this leaf stem plant at the very back with various Swords, Anubius and Java Ferns enough to make it all lush and green

So yeah that's about we're I'm at, and input is welcome and if you feel like I'm curious what you guys would do with this tank stocking and scape wise?

I'm going to be heading out to a few nearby lakes and rivers on Wednesday to see what I can find in the way of wood and rocks so ill get some photos for you kind folks, fingers crossed I get some good stuff

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Hay just a quick update, I went out to a couple lakes yesterday and got some wood and rocks and got abot of a scape going, the pics make it look weird compared to in person but anyways some pics

These are of the first lake

And the second lake

And the tank as of the 4th of January

Right side

Left side, sorry about the water on the glass ill clean up next time

Not 100% sold on it though but it's hard to know with out any plants how it will fill in, I feel like it's missing a focal point also like there is nothing currently drawing the eye like there should be a larger price of wood on the left leaving the right "beach" open (planning on a large school of Cory's)

Thoughts are always welcome and thanks for looking in
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