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You will get at 45 stems mix plants variety listed below. These stems would easily fill a 5g or 10g tank. Fast growing plants. Will add few stems extra. Some photos of plants shown below. Stems at least 3" long.
Nice, healthy, No algae. Grown in abundance of CO2 and clear, cool water.
Number of stems will vary from each variety.
Plants will NOT be labeled.

Rotala Green
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Colorata
Rotala Magenta
Bacopa Monnieri/Caroliana

$15, Shipping $7.


I have moss not commonly seen. Will be posting details tonight with photos.
Moss for sale are:

Spikey moss
Fissidens Fontanus
Singapore moss
Thai moss (ves. sp Thai)
Ves sp Triangle
Queen Moss
Ves. sp mini
French moss
Mini Taiwan
Fissidens fox
Triangle moss (from UK)
Peacock moss

and many more!

Rotala Sunset
Beautiful reddish colors. At least 3 inches long.
$4 each.
$3 for $10.
Shipping $7.

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