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Treating new plants for snails before adding to tank?

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I have a 5 gal fluval spec tank set up and cycling. I don't now much about the plants in planted tanks. I'm ok with that. The main purpose of this tank is to be a shrimp tank. I am just adding plants for looks and to keep the shrimp happy.

I attempted a planted tank a few years back... I just bought plants all willy nilly from ebay and all over the place based on if I thought they were pretty or not. Regardless of what the plant required or who I was buying it from. The tank quickly became OVERRUN with all kinds of nasties, including 100's of those ugly brown snails and a ton of algae.

I ended up just tearing the tank down and dragging it to the famous Failed Hobby Junkyard. It's easy to find, you just take a left after you reach the Never Going To Use More Than Once Appliance Drop Off Center. If you reach the As Seen On TV, Why Did I Think I Needed That? Bonanza you have gone to far. Dont forget to check out the These Clothes Might Fit Me Again Someday Thrift Shop while you are there! ...All of this and more conveniently located in my basement at the I'm Going To Have A Rummage Sale Someday Mall.

I can make NO guarantees that I will not continue to buy plants based on looks alone. I would be lying if I tried. It's just not in my nature. ;) But I will draw the line at letting all those nasties get in my tank. My plan this time was to ONLY buy tissue culture plants and I have a few all ready. But sheesh! There is not much to pick from in my area!

I really need at least some moss varieties like Christmas, weeping, flame, ECT to achieve the look I'm going for. I'm going to have to get them shipped to me from someone. So...

Is there anything that I can do to incoming plants that will kill snails and their eggs before I place them in my tank?
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I actually just found a nice article about it that I thought I would share for anyone else who stumbles onto the post...

I would still appreciate any advice as to what you all do as well. :)
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