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Treating ich in an aquarium with Platy fry

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I have about 6 Platy fry that I rescued out of my main tank last night. I put the babies in a breeder box that is floating in the main tank. I don't currently have a separate tank to move them to. I noticed a white spot on one of my Black Mollies while doing this. I'm going to assume it's ich because I can't find anything else that would cause a white spot on fish. I want to use the temperature raising and salt adding method to treat the ich. Will the salt and higher temps hurt my fry? I spent about 2 hours catching them and my girls are so excited I don't want to lose them. I also have 2 ghost shrimp, one of which has been carrying around eggs for the last week, and 2 mystery snails as well as various plants. I understand that adding 1/2tsp to 1 tsp of salt should be safe for everybody else, just worried about the babies. Also, if I have freshwater tank salt is that ok to use, or should I just use regular Mortons? Thank you so much for your help.
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I would go for aquarium salt. Table salt kills fish. As far as the baby fish, the salt will do them no harm.
I want to use the temperature raising and salt adding method to treat the ich.
That should work. Platies like a little salt in the environment actually so no harm will come to them.

Not sure about the table salt will kills fish statement, unless they add something to the salt.

Kosher salt & sea salt should work too
There's lots of other possible causes of white spots besides just ich- tumors, fungus, etc- but adding salt is a good thing to try and shouldn't do any harm to the fish. You can add up to 1 tbsp salt per gallon with all the livestock you listed, though that would be too much for most live plants to handle.
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