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Hi All,

Just bought 4 new baby angel fish for my 65Gal. Once I put them in I noticed that my rainbow fish are showing symptoms of Cotton wool disease and my Siamese algae eater is looking a bit lethargic. Just looking for some advice on whether I should treat the whole tank or pull them out to a hospital tank/ 5 gal bucket to treat.

I had a big loss about 6 months ago where I lost 3 discus, did not seem to be cotton wool then. Every one except the mentioned seems to be in perfect shape.

In the tank I have:

- 2 Bohemian Rainbow (cotton wool)
- Siamease Algae eater
- Single Discus
- 2 other rainbow
- 4 angel fish (very young about he size of a quarter)
- 2 Dojo loaches
- 2 Serpae tetra
- Clown pleco
- Live plants

Also any suggested meds would be great as well.
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