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I recently just stumbled across a video (getting my fish mode on) Msjinkzd made about quaranting part 2. And she described exactly what was wrong with my poor pleco bubby. For the last week he has been lethargic, poor appetite, rapid breating, milky white patches, hiding. Also an awesome fish friend of mine has been trying to figure out what was wrong with her fish with a milky patches on hers also. She has given me many plants so I assume it's probably cross-contamination. So the question is what should I use to medicate the tank? I have done research but a lot of the chemicals are very harsh with my plants, cory cats, and shrimp. I do have a 10 gallon available to treat in. But should I just treat the whole tank? Any direction that somebody can give me that would be great. BTW the tank is 90 gallons 2 years running, parameters perfect.
(these pictures of bubby are when healthy, he is hiding to much to get sick pic)


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