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I have purchased feeder guppies as pets. You are right to believe that they are usually not healthy to start with. I usually start them with prazipro right away if I see any flashing which I always do. I don't treat for anything else unless symptoms are visible. I never buy fish with visible ich or fin rot or white body parts or pinecone scales. Melafix and pimafix are good for early signs of fin rot or fungus or red streaks. Observe the fish closely before purchase. Feed quality food. (New life spectrum with garlic) keep the water conditions pristine. They usually will breed after that and colors will be bright and beautiful. You may not want to use them all as feeders after that. Good luck.
This is pretty much the approach I take, as well.

Drs F&S's website has a decent fish medication guide:

I'd be really careful about liability issues if you start selling your feeders to the public rather than hobbyist friends. Don't guarantee them as disease/parasite free or anything like that.
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