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traveling with fish

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i was just thinking, can we take the fishes or live plants to different countries while traveling in plane. can we add the fish and plants in the luggage, i know they don't allow liquid to be carried but i have always carried water etc in the bag.

i hope am not asking stupid question, i would love to start the same hobby with my same fishes in INDIA, which people don't really keep over there, maybe 1/100 people do.
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I think there may be a problem with the country's custom people. Like how you can't bring food from another country back to the US.
Sedate the fish first with minimal water to not get checked, might get through might not. I bet you it's been done.

Or you can pay a supplier that gets fish from overseas, if money is right, and the fish is legal under USA laws, I'm sure money will make them do business with you.
Don't they go thru xray machine, won't they see fish skeleton? That's how they found people from other country smuggling animals to like the another country, I think.
I'd poke around on aquabid and see who is used to clear fish into India and then make arrangements to ship and clear them properly. You REALLY don't want to mess with wild life laws and customs clearance problems.
i guess i will have to find someone in india who sells nice fishes, again its very rare to find someone there. my cousin wanted the fish and i was going to take some from here to India, but looks like its a risk.

maybe i can take some fish eggs, lol, maybe that will work
You should be able to organise to ship them. You can't take them in your luggage though. Seriously bad idea. Try explaining anything to Indian border officials - anything - let alone why you're carrying bags full of live animals in your bags :)
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