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Traumatized GBRs

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Mid August my family had to care for younger cousins for 2 weeks (Ages 8 & 5). No matter what they did or what i tried they were VERY loud and never stopped running, jumping, screaming, etc. Afterwards my 2 poor GBRs had gone stone gray! :frown2:

I thought it was just stress so I gave them a month to see if they to recover, which they did... somewhat.

Their color has come back but nowhere near the vibrancy they had before. They bolt whenever you go within 10 feet of the tank, unlike when they would come up to the glass and even follow me at times.

They do act normally when alone or when you don't move for a few minutes but any movement sends them packing.

If anyone knows why they are still in this state a month later or how to fix this please leave a comment. Im going to get more plants in hopes they feel more comfortable.

Size: 37 gallons
Tankmates: 8 Red Phantom Tetras, 2 Lava Snails, Innumerable Bladder Snails (GBRs ate quite a bit less at first allowing for a population explosion that im dealing with)
Plants: A Few
Temperature: 27c
PH: 7
Filtration: Top fin power filter 40, top fin internal filter 20.
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I might guess they feel short of hiding spaces. It seems backward but given more they hide less.
I think of it as being chased myself. If I am in a field with one tree, I would stay behind that tree. But if there were dozens of trees, I might be more likely to come out and go from tree to tree as I felt I could hide again if needed?
Suggest more spaces where they can get truly out of sight and not just duck behind something but actual small spaces where they are covered from almost all directions. This small tight space will also be darker. Most of our tanks are far too bright for what fish find in nature.
I find a variety of small and larger rocks of varied shapes to be best. Think more like a load of rock fell off a truck, rather than stacked as a human does things?
Check feeding and general water conditions as well.
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