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transporting a nano

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so im going back to school and i want to bring my tank, the only thing is im flying so it would either have to be shipped or would have to be carry on, which wouldnt be a problem for me as its small, but i just dont want it to get taken away or something. so does anyone have any input in this, oh yea im flying southwest from san jose to san diego. thanks!
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Well, I don't think they will take anything away as long as it's only hardware, and no plants/fish. I'd suggest shipping those if I were you, but not sure on the regulations on shipping those. Might not be a problem though.
I would ship it all and avoid the chance, they may deem it a weapon !

Nano-Terrorism is running rampant... :)
haha yea im going to get fish down there and im shipping plants, im just worried about shipping a glass tank, does anyone have any experience in this? its one of the rimless ocean free tanks
I would just take it carry on, but a call to Southwest might be worth the time waiting on hold to find the nano
Just pack it tightly in a box with styrofoam pieces, then place that box in another box tightly packed the same way. It would be fine dropped from a 4 story building. You could also insure it for value if you are still concerned. I would be more concerned carrying it around.

Good luck on the move.
alright yea im going to ship it, thanks for the help!
I have a hard enough time in airports without carrying a tank, I might decide to throw it at the first rude person. You usually can find one as soon as you pull up to unload the baggage. :)
I actually got back from the West Coast, where I just brought out a planted nano, covered with Saran wrap out to my brother-in-law. I just let the TSA guy know it's live plants, he told me to just put it through the x-ray machine. The water was all drained out. So far the plants are growing well, so I don't think the x-ray machine did any harm - at least in the short term.

As far as bringing a glass container as a carry on - as long as it's not filled with liquid there shouldn't be a problem at all.
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