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Trading plants around knox?

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Anyone interested in trading around some plants in knoxville? Maybe we could turn this thread into "hey im doing some "gardening" if you want this come get it" type thing. Once I get my tank more established I would be willing to help out if anyone wanted to trade around some plants or something.

my uhm "planted" tank so far.

Stocking list
Crypt wyndtii bronze,
Blyxa japonica (very small atm)
Najas Roraima
Rotala rotundifolia
Carolina Fanwort
Red tiger lotus
Sunset Hygro
Heteranthera zosterfolia

New 130 gallon set up
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Anyone have any fast growers? I'm needing some to help cycle a 130 gallon tank.
yea i live in maryville i would be more than happy to do some trading when my tank gets a bit more established
Trade? maybe if you have something cool. Give you a bunch of plants I don't want? Sure, if you come get them (mostly Java fern, swords, various stem plants, and floaters). PM if you want em.

i tried to pm you but it said your box is full but i for sure want them you can text or call at 6796443
i live in knoxville. i always have java moss. trtying to ad new to mine. and even trade off other fish items.
You wouldn't be related to melvin goins, would you? :tongue: JK.
Lived in Nashville for a few years, though I am closer to Knox know that I moved to KY. Go figure haha
anyone in knoxville have any shrimp?
I have lots of Red Cherry shrimp
I'm also in the knoxville area and would love to see what plants and shrimps local peeps have for sale or trade!

Batch send me a message if you have any for sale and how much you want for em!
Anyone have Hemianthus callitrichoides ((HC)) In or around knoxville?
I have lots of Red Cherry shrimp
Hey Batch,

I should have lots of pond snails within the next month or so, Ill pluck a bunch of em out and you can watch your loaches have a field day lol.. The snails have been keeping my Java moss trimmed for me, which im happy about. I dont have to do it. :D Ill put up some pictures later today, getting ready to clean my tank.
Anyone want any Najas sp. roraima?

I have a big stem of it in my tank, kinda out growing everything on that side.


If someone wants it, come get it. Ill throw some pennywort in with it, maybe some other stuff if you want it.
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Najas & Vals. I also have albino ancistrus fry & endlers that I could trade.

Marty- Knoxville
Ne1 else from Cosby area?

New 2 the planted tank community so dont have much 2 trade right now in the way of aquatica but would b interested in buying sum stuff. $ is as good, or better, than trades right? Really just starting the Cosby area thread. Get sum relationships started.
i'm in tazewell and keep plants most the time to sell and trade on i have frogbite ,guppy grass, java moss, asian water grass,red root,duckweed,min.water letuce,parrot feather, pennywort,primrose,
i'm in tazewell and keep plants most the time to sell and trade on i have frogbite ,guppy grass, java moss, asian water grass,red root,duckweed,min.water letuce,parrot feather, pennywort,primrose,
I would love some of that Asian Watergrass, maybe some of the redroot and water lettuce! Maybe you can set me up a sample package? I love the floaters. I am including a plant list from my tank, would love to trade for some of it so if you see something you are interested in just let me know.

Pictures are in my album. All plants are healthy but may contain Pond and/or Ramshorns or even Apple snail babies. Can dip to prevent sending some inadvertantly.
apogonten bulb now sending offshoots
Italian Vals always sending offshoots
Vals Gigantae no shoots yet but soon hopefully
cryptocoryne walkeri 'lutea' no shoots yet
Stem plant trimmings:
rotala rotundifolia
rotala colorata
rotala nanjenshan
ludwigia glandulosa
Hygrophila polysperma var. Rosanervig
heteranthera zosterifolia (Stargrass)
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ok i'll make you apackage up and can make one for me i do like the stargrass and little apples and what ever youwant to send easy to deal with i will have some tiger ender's and guppy's later on to , also would like to know more about your club.
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