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Hey guys,
I have a 2.6 gallon with Tahitian moon sand. I'm seeking around 4-5 cups of Seachem Flourite (has to be black) to mix with my sand. I saw this done at my LFS and it looks really good. I'm trying to create a more natural look in my tank, and buying a whole bag of substrate would be wasteful and costly.

I have the following up for trade. I'm open to other deals as well.

Riccia Fluitans
Fluval Peat Granules (like new, only used a couple tablespoons)
API Aquarium salt (small carton, like new)
Hikari Crab Cuisine (like new, only fed six pellets---my critters didn't like it)
API Stresscoat (4oz/118ml, >3/4 of bottle remaining)
API T.C. Tetracycline, 6 packets
API Bettafix, (1.7 oz, half of botle remaining)

All applicable items are unexpired.

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