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I'm trying to clear out my tank a bit to leave room for the plants that I want to grow.

I have a Bolbitis with 6 or so stems, the longest about 8 inches. Some anacharis, small swords, some little crypts, and some baby narrow leaf java ferns. Snail free, but I can't guarantee where won't be stray duckweed or java moss clippings. Unless you want some duckweed, I can throw in a handful. I can also throw in a couple Rotala stems if you want.

I'm looking for 20-30 Neocardinia shrimp. Not really interested in any of the fancy colors, the closer they are to wild and the less inbred the better, but if all you have are culls of fancy shrimp, that's fine.

I live in Pennsylvania.

Here's a picture of the Bolbitis.


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