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Just seriously thinned out my R. rotundifolia. Would prefer to trade for some species of red plant and the secrets of keeping red plants red, or HC, or anubias, or some blue shrimp, or a nice discount on some blue shrimp, or some crystal reds, or a nice discount on some crystal reds (blue is preferred). Also, yes, I recognize the unlikeliness of any of these happening.

I pulled most of the stems up by roots; the stems are 23cm (9") on average. The tank has minimal-to-no algae and no snails. Would accept other trade ideas; surprise me.

(I just have no desire to make a paypal account for accepting money, unless you want the bunch for $20+$6 shipping.. Then I could be bothered.)

Also, I live in AZ, where the weather is currently around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So, I plan on using the normal flat rate shipping, and would expect the same in return, unless you're worried, in which, again, I could be bothered.
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