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TPT Journal Milestone thread (for all)

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I love this section. I love tracking and watching all of the tanks progress as members learn and hone in on their skills.

I knew nothing about keeping plants a year ago. With new members always joining, my hope is this thread can turn into an inspirational mega thread, tracking 3, 6 month, 1, 2, 3+ years of your tanks. Post a before and after and show off how the planted tank has helped your tanks become stunning beauties.

So post your milestone photos and link to your journal!

Here is my 55g april 2012

April 2013 I got tired of it, and started over with this

You can also see my 10g here above, set them both up at the same time

6 months after, this photo was taken

April 2014

Started July of 2013

April 2014

Still has a long way to go, I've got the plants in there to fill it in, working on growth now. A Pressurized system for the 55g and 29g is currently in the works. I'm going PB on the 29g and a milwaukee 957 on the 55g. 10 and 8.7 will remain diy co2.

Here is my 10g 3 months ago

this tank has a complete meltdown so I started over, I really liked the scape I had going, but I didn't want to reuse anything in the tank.

How it sits as of April 2014, actually as of this week. The tank sat empty for 3 months while I figured out what to do with it.

I've learned a lot in the short time I've been on this site. Nothing has been more instrumental than TPT and it's members. Our hobby is lucky to have a resource like this.

For all the in between photos, my journal can be found here
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