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Tough crowd, betta fry and purists

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Can someone please explain why hybrid species are frowned upon but at the same time interbreeding is frowned upon? To me, the hybrid thing reminds me of people that hate foreigners living in their country and marrying "their people". I am probably really wrong.

Also, breeding bettas is really fun and exciting for families. But a lot of people hate to see them bred, as if it is the orca breeding program at seaworld.
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Interbreeding creates hybrids, so why would it be strange that they are both frowned upon?
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Sorry, I meant inbreeding.
IMO nothing wrong with hybrids, in this case. It is the same fish just various shapes. If it wasn't for this there will not be as many variations at the moment. All said it also created the Parrot fish, still can't see why people like them.

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I'm just going to say NO.... its not ok and irresponsible to allow fish to interbreed and sell or give the fry away. I'm not going to go into because I take this personally and prob not a good idea for me to even post on it. There is also a big difference between allowing fish to interbreed and selectively breeding but I won't go into that either.

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