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Totally lost with dosing...

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Can somebody please simplify dosing in a planted tank for me? I purchased the PPS-Pro Fert Pack and am totally lost on how much of each type I am supposed to be dosing. I have a newly, moderately planted 65 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump. I am using forced CO2 with high lighting. I started researching until I got to different methods (EI vs PPS), ways to dose (Dry vs mixed solution), ways to measure, etc. Now I am totally lost. Reef dosing is so much simpler lol.
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Will PM you some external links which are very simple.
Where did you purchase it from? Contact them with mixing questions, Im sure they would be willing to help.
Thanks Watercrayfish. I purchased them from Greenleaf Aquariums....I followed their provided links which is what got me confused in the first place lol.
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