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Torn on first shrimp

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My tank is getting closer and closer to being mature enough for some shrimp to call it home. I will start off with the current parameters.
Ammonia : 0ppm
Nitrite : 0ppm
Nitrate : 5ppm
pH : 6.4
GH : 5-6 °dGH
KH : 2-3°dKH
Temp : 68-70°F (20-21°C)
TDS : 178
Substrate : Aquasoil "New"
Filtration : Sponge filter / RFUGF hooked up to a Fluval 403 (Intake is another sponge filter)
Flora : Assorted mosses, Dwarf Sag., and Subwrassertang

At the moment I am torn between TT's and CRS as my main shrimp. I guess I am trying to figure out what would be a good match for a second species to put with either of these that will not crossbreed but will compliment their colors.
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CRS with either cherry red or yellow neos are a nice contrast. Sorry it's a crappy pic but you get the point
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That PH is more suitable to CRS
Neos won't like the low pH.
I got 2 PFR's in a Netlea soil tank that is getting to around 6pH and should drop lower, so we'll see how they do. lol. I also have 1 PFR that hitchhiked on some moss at about 2 days old that is in my 5.5pH A-Grade CRS tank and has lived in there for about 6 months.

In general though, no, Neo's don't like it. Will the pair in my tank breed and give lots of babies? I dunno, we'll see.
Neos won't like the low pH.
I have blue rilis breeding at pH 6.5 and red rilis breeding at pH 6.2. I say as long as its not below 6 then you're fine.

I did have issues with orange sakuras not breeding at pH 6.5.

TT's with PFR's would make a nice color contrast. CRS with blue rilis are also nice. I have both the combinations xD
they will live but they wont thrived for those neos...
Go with TT's over CRS in my opinion.
they will live but they wont thrived for those neos...
Eh I really do think it's a false notion that neo's wont thrive in sub 7 water. My neos aren't only thriving but they're out producing my tt's in babies....and that's a lot of TT babies...
With those parameters, I think bee shrimp would be perfect. Tigers and neo's should be fine in those parameters as well, but i personally like my neo and tiger tanks to be slightly above neutral pH.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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