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Hey everyone, thanks for looking at this post... I really need help! So, I've have a 6Gal Fluval Edge for about 5 months now. More recently, I had a sudden burst of Aquarist hobby and have been trying like crazy to make a beautiful landscape in my lil baby tank, ADA status... haha. However, all I got was problems. Lighting on the fluval edge sucks, and I had thrown in some wood for "treelike" appearance and along with it came some nasty white slime (bacterial blooms, i think). Not to mention the tiny opening on top made it insanely ridiculous for me to siphon, arrange and plant... etc!
Disclaimer: I was a complete noob when I got the Fluval, but as I have gotten into the hobby, I realize how tough the Edge is to work with if its stock... for me at least... and since Ive been reading forums, ADA book, going to LFS... often... I decided... MODIFICATIONS!

So I removed the Glass Top off of my Fluval Edge... I LOVE IT! Its soo much easier, and now I have water surface movement... and better circulation. Easier to clean, adjust, plant... everything!

(PVC connected to base, and the old lights on it just for the night...)

My lighting is still currently the Two MR11 12-LED bulbs I got as a replacement to the stock halogen ones. But now im building my own lil amateur fixture, with some assistance of another mod I saw!

(Lighting casing and bulbs need to be assembled)

Custom making lights: I got a couple of weather resistant sockets from Home Depot, and will be hanging them from a pvc pipe, I made as a fixture... My main question is what bulbs do I get... I know some lights may be too much... and create algae etc... the ones I've purchased are:

-50W CFL

Will 2 of these bulbs hanging over tank work and not over do it? Or under do it? I plan on heading to Home Depot again today, if I get a couple of responses in time... Thanks Alot guys... I appreciate any and all feedback! :icon_wink
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