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So, i picked up one of those packages of Topfin bulbs. Figure its a win win, cause, even if all the bulbs are duds, im definitely going to send them back to them, and they should, per thier guarantee, send me more. And even if they all make it, my package came with seven bulbs!
From what I can tell, I have one lilly, two onion, and four aponogetons. Im getting my assumptions by already having onion plants and aponogetons, and assuming the big honkin' bulb is a lilly! I hope!
Since apparently ive reached my limit of pictures, ill be posting pictured joined together..Paint is a magical thing! =]
Heres the bulbs, not wet, straight of the package. The lilly is on top, followed by the aponogetons and then the onion plants. Look at that tiny yellow onion bulb! Im almost positive it wont produce anything..=/
The second picture is them wrapped up in peices of paper towel, in the lid of a container. Ive lined the lid with paper towels, and then layered them on top of the wrapped bulbs. I plan on 'watering' them twice daily, and sitting them on top of my filter, as it should be warm there.
Organism Terrestrial plant Rectangle Art Grass

Anyone have any advice? experiences?
I know there are different ways of growing these guys, let me know your way!
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