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Top Dweller that Will get ALong with tetras?

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My 29 gallon tank has 8 cardinal tetras, 6 rummynose tetras, and 2 otos. The problem is all of them like to hang out mid/bottom and the top is completely empty. I got a swordtail after being told it was a peaceful fish, only to see it chase the otos around with evil intent.

So my question is, what are some recommendations for bigger sized fish that will occupy the top of my tank while leaving my tetras alone?
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You could do a gourami, they mainly stay near the top. Considering your tank is only a 29 I'd go with one of the dwarf species. Some like the neon blue and powder blue have pretty striking colors. They tend to be pretty peaceful but they all have different personalities so I can't say for certain. Others will probably chime in. Good luck hunting!
Dwarf hatchets would be a good choice if you have a lid on the tank (don't bother if you don't lol)
2 or 3 danios, of any variety, would fit in pretty well.
danios need to be in groups, 2 will constantly beat up on each other.
Black Neons or Head & Tail Lights usually school higher up in the water column. Splash tetras also, if you're able to find some.
I second the hatchet fish.
Another ditto for the Hatchets if it is a closed tank.

One of the smaller Gourami, such as the Honey or its relatives, rather than Trichogaster lalius.
I'm on the hatchet boat as well

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thanks for the replies! i will check out hatchetfish.. although judging by the google search, they sure aren't a looker haha
Don't knock a school of dwarf hatchets till you've seen them in person! I think they look super cool, personally. Get some Marthae if you can find them, they stay alot smaller than the more common silver.
I had the same problem, but fixed it with some harlequin rasboras. They love the top and middle, but rarely go to the bottom.
You could try a few killifish.. Golden wonder killies usually work pretty well, though they're major jumpers.
I had the same problem, but fixed it with some harlequin rasboras. They love the top and middle, but rarely go to the bottom.
I too am a fan of the harlequins. Although I dont know if I could say mine stick to the top and middle. I guess they are hardly near the bottom of the tank so you're probably correct.
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