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Tools, what is your ideal price?

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So I'm starting some research, on tools specifically. Scissors and Pinsettes, and other things along those lines. I'm curious as to what everyone's ideal price for those similar to ADA and that quality would be.

Obviously it isn't reasonable to be $10 or $15 or something, and without going completely cheap (as I know we all want them to be) what would you guys think that reasonable prices would be if you were to set them yourselves.

With that said, I am not selling anything at the moment:icon_wink Just researching what everyone's ideal prices would be. If you are the same as someone else please state your opinion and preferences as well, even if there is similarities or the same thing.

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Personally, i wouldn't pay more than $30 for any single tool. $20-$25 would be even better.
$15-20 for a set of long tweezers and scissors is as high as I'd be willing to go at the moment. Unless I begin to seriously micromanage aquascapes, longer, curved, more expensive scissors are of no use to me. I paid I believe $20 shipped for my set, and I'm perfectly happy with them.
I would pay 25 for a set of nice, long tweezers that come in different shapes (Curved ends or straight). I would also pay around the same for a set of scissors also in different styles or shapes.

I cant really see myself paying 40+ for a pair of tweezers. My girl got me a 10 inch Tweezer from AFA and she payed a ridiculous amount of money for them. I use them A LOT but I wouldn't tell her she overpaid even tho I and a few members would agree that she did. Seriously their not that special. They don't work better than some of the cheaper (price wise) tools.

All in all, no more than 35, 35 would be my tipping point.

Good Luck.
Thanks for the excellent feedback. When you say long tweezers what are you thinking exactly? CM or Inches is fine ;)

Some examples. ADA Pro Scissors M & L, Nude, and Wave are all over one hundred dollars and I know very few people who own these or can afford to. If you were able to lower prices, what would you pay?

Personally, I can almost justify the Pinsette's pricing of ADA but I know most people can't. I'm also interested specifically in what you would prefer these prices to be if you could set them.

Same deal as before, obviously we want as cheap as possible but it costs money so reasonable pricing would have to occur.

Thanks for the replies thus far guys!
As long as it 304 or better stainless steel they'll last a lifetime. I think I bought my surgical scissors in 1992 and they work and cut like the day they came out of the box. $20 per tool is reasonable if its a quality instrument made of quality material. North Carolina biological supply has deals on large purchases for wholesalers. All surgical grade stuff.
My tweezers are 12", and straight scissors are 6". Both stainless steel.
My tweezers are 12", and straight scissors are 6". Both stainless steel.
There are differences in the grades of stainless and if its the good stuff, it usually says so. Some of the cheaper models are plated and will rust or nick/scratch over time. Surgical grade is the best $$ can buy.
I bought some sub $20 (maybe even $10) scissors from Aquamagic on [Ebay Link Removed] They are stainless but the screw isn't so they get a tiny bit of rust. They are more than usable. If I wanted to upgrade or stop using regular short tweezers, i wouldn't pay more than $20-30 personally, even if it meant going to a non aquarium source, or sacrificing some ease of use, even some quality. I use home scissors for the tank I set up for my girlfriend, no issues there.
Thanks for the responses, it is very interesting.

I came across this site a while ago and they sell thumb dressing stainless steel forceps that go up to 18" in size. The prices look fantastic but then they hit you with the shipping/handling fee (womp) so it would probably cheaper to buy from this place if you went in with a few people for an order or bought a bunch yourself with the intention of resale.

BLP - 848 Thumb dressing forceps, length 4-1/2" (11.5 cm) $1.50
BLP - 849 Thumb dressing forceps, length 5" (13 cm) $1.55
BLP - 850 Thumb dressing forceps, length 5-1/2" (14 cm) $1.55
BLP - 851 Thumb dressing forceps, length 7" (18 cm) $2.00
BLP - 852 Thumb dressing forceps, length 8" (20 cm) $2.25
BLP - 853 Thumb dressing forceps, length 10" (25.5 cm) $2.75
BLP - 832-12 Thumb dressing forceps, length 12" (30.5 cm) $4.25
BLP - 832-16 Thumb dressing forceps, length 16" (40.5 cm) $8.75
BLP - 832-18 Thumb dressing forceps, length 18" (46 cm) $10.65
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Search EBay for surgical equipment / vet equipment. It's going to be VERY nice, and HIGH grade stainless steel.

Long metzenbaum scissors, Debakey forceps, Bayonette forceps would all be good choices.
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